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  • Pikachu as Connor (Connor's Voice Suits Pikachu)
  • Turtwig as Mong (Mong's Voice Suits Turtwig)
  • Squirtle as Chip (Chip's Voice Suits Squirtle)
  • Buneary as Abbie (Abbie's Voice Suits Buneary)
  • Aipom as Hela Nemo (Hela Nemo's Voice Suits Aipom)
  • Buizel as Graham
  • Chimchar as Professor Nemo
  • Electrabuzz as Charles
  • Lucario as Cubix
  • Sudowoodo as Maximix
  • Mudkip as Cerebix
  • Piplup as Dondon
  • Gligar as Attractix
  • Meowth as Dr. K (Meowth and Dr. K are Both Evil, Devious and Dr. K's Voice Suits Meowth)
  • Smoochum as Raska (Raska's Voice Suits Smoochum)

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