Version 1

  • Ash as Goku (DO NOT EDIT!!!)
  • Misty as Chichi (DO NOT EDIT!!!)
  • Brock as Krillin (DO NOT EDIT!!!)
  • Tracey as Teen Yamcha
  • Tracey's Marill as Puar
  • May as Launch
  • Max as Kid Gohan
  • Dawn as Bulma (DO NOT EDIT!!!)
  • Iris as Videl
  • Cilan as Adult Gohan
  • Gary as Piccolo
  • Drew as Tien
  • Paul as Vegeta (DO NOT EDIT!!!)
  • Kenny as Adult Yamcha
  • Professor Oak as Master Roshi
  • Lucy as Android 18
  • Holly as Maron (Krillin's ex-girlfriend)

Version 2

Ash as Goku (heroic and silly-acting)

Pikachu as Oolong (hero's animal companion)

Misty as Bulma (hero's closest female friend)

Brock as Yamcha (hero's older male friend)

May as Chi-Chi (daughters of leaders)

Version 3

Ash as Goku

Misty as Bulma

Brock as Master Roshi

May as Chi-Chi

Gary as Yamcha

Version 4

Ash as Goku

Paul as Vegeta

Gary as Piccolo

Brock as Krillin

Cilan as Adult Gohan

Drew as Tien

Kenny as Yamcha

Dawn as Bulma

Professor Oak as Master Roshi

Drew's Pokemon as Chiaotzu

Misty as Chi-Chi

May as Launch

Max as Kid Gohan

Iris as Videl

Johanna as Mrs. Briefs