• Bronzong as Luna
  • Porygon2 as Jupiter
  • Magneton as Clyde
  • Chansey & Porygon-Z as Mom of Luna & Dad of Luna
  • Weavile as Alice
  • Metang as Elson
  • Magmar as Newton
  • Solrocks,  Lunastones and Cleffas as The Meteors or Shooting Stars
  • Prof. Oak as Apatosaurus
  • Tropius as Bananas
  • Pokemons Fossil as Others Dinosaurs
  • Durants as Ants
  • Magcargos as Snails
  • Ho-oh as Rainbow
  • Solosis as Balls of Water in Mirror
  • Beedrills as Others Bee
  • Basculins as Others Fishs
  • Viivillons as Others Butterfly
  • Others Solosis as The Balls of Colors
  • Rotom, Klang and Magnezone as Friends of Clyde
  • Magnezone as Dr. Jenny
  • 3 Lunastone as Star No 5 Tips
  • Xerneas and Yvetal as Moon and Sun
  • Klefki as Breads
  • and More


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