• Chikorita as Ed
  • Totodile as Edd
  • Cyndaquil as Eddy
  • Raichu as Kevin
  • Buneary as Nazz
  • Togepi as Jimmy
  • Flareon as Sarah
  • Gogoat as Rolf
  • Marowak as Johnny
  • Charizard as Lee Kanker
  • Venusaur as May Kanker
  • Blastoise as Marie Kanker
  • Mewtwo as Eddy,s Brother

Other Version 

  • Ritchie as Ed
  • Drew as Edd
  • Max as Eddy
  • Ash as Rolf
  • Misty as Nazz
  • Brock as Kevin
  • Todd as Jimmy
  • Jessie as Sarah
  • Tracey as Johnny
  • May as Marie Kanker
  • Delia Ketchum as Lee Kanker
  • Dawn as May Kanker
  • James as Eddy's Brother

See Also

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