Version 1 (by PB&Jotterisnumber1. Braixen's Castle.)

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  • Braixen as Eureeka
  • Drampa as Magellan
  • Swoobat as Batley
  • East Sea Shellos as Bogge
  • West Sea Shellos as Quagmire
  • Gurdurr as Mr. Knack
  • Magikarp, Remoraid, and Feebas as The Fishtones
  • Marill as Sir Klank
  • Rattata as Kate
  • Dedenne as Emma
  • Pom-Pom Style Oricorio as Cooey
  • Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple, Sewaddle, and Scatterbug as The Slurms
  • Multiple Joltik as The Blanketeers
  • Dewpider as Webster
  • Primal Groudon as The Giant