• Pikachu as Timmy Turner
  • Jolteon as Mrs. Turner
  • Raichu as Mr. Turner
  • Leafeon as Cosmo
  • Vaporeon as Wanda
  • Togepi as Baby Poof
  • Squirtle as Mark
  • Sudowoodo as Jorgen
  • Chimchar as Chester
  • Piplup as AJ
  • Eevee as Tootie
  • Buneary as Trixie
  • Glaceon as Veronica
  • Mewtwo as Mr. Crocker
  • Umbreon as Francis and Mr. Buxaplenty
  • Flareon as Vicky
  • Monferno as Chip Skylark
  • Vulpix as Principal Waxelplax
  • Deoxys as Crash Nebula
  • Zorua as Remy Buxaplenty and the April Fool
  • Zoroark as Mrs. Buxaplenty
  • Prof. Oak as Chet Ubetcha
  • and more

Cast Version 2

Eevee as Timmy

Clefairy as Cosmo

Wigglytuf as Wanda

Igglybuff as Poof

Vaporeon as Mrs. Turner

Jolteon as Mr. Turner

Growlithe as Sparky

Vulpix as Vicky

Sableye as Mr. Crocker

Grimer as Mark

Buneary as Tootie

Haunter as Anti Cosmo

Gengar as Anti Wanda

Gastly as Foop

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