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In Lima, OH, a school of Pokemon called McKinley High School hosts a Glee Club of Pokemon called "New Directions" led by Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum.


New Directions

  • Pikachu as Finn Hudson
  • Buneary as Rachel Berry
  • Aipom as Quinn Fabray
  • Chimchar as Noah "Puck" Puckerman
  • Piplup as Kurt Hummel
  • Jigglypuff as Mercades Jones
  • Turtwig as Artie Abrams
  • Happiny as Tina Cohen-Chang
  • Sudowoodo as Matt Rutherford
  • Pachirisu as Mike Chang
  • Vulpix as Santana Lopez
  • Skitty as Brittney Pierce
  • Pansage as Sam Evans
  • Marill as Lauren Zizes
  • Oshowatt as Blaine Anderson
  • Axew as Roy Flannigan
  • Emolga as Suger Moretta

Teachers and Administrators

  • Ash as Will Schuester
  • Misty as Emma Pillsbury
  • Jessie as Sue Sylvester
  • Prof. Oak as Principal Figgins
  • Gary Oak as Ken Tanaka
  • Officer Jenny as Shannon Beiste

Guest Stars

  • Buizel as Jesse St. James
  • May as April Rhodes
  • Hitmonlee as Azimio
  • Hitmonchan as Dave Karofsky
  • Dawn as Shelby Corcoran
  • Harley as Sandy Ryerson
  • Melody as Terri Schuester
  • Iris as Holly Holiday
  • Gothita as Sunshine

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