• Pikachu as Vert Wheeler
  • Ash as Verts Dad
  • Infernape as Porkchop
  • Monferno as Wylde
  • Chimchar as Monkey
  • Charmeleon as Taro Kitano
  • Geodude as Tork Madox
  • Buizel as Nolo Passaro
  • Aipom as Karma Eiss
  • Piplup as Kurt Wylde
  • Chatot as Shirako Tekamoto
  • Daisy as Gelorum
  • Arceus as Dr Tezla
  • Cressilia as Lani Tam
  • Mew and it's transformations as the Silencerz
  • Dusclops as RD-L1
  • Saybleye as RD-S1
  • Diesel 10 as Gelorums non-human form
  • Deoxys as the Acceleron
  • Flygon as Brain Kadeem
  • Mewtwo as Kadeem's Robot form
  • Darkrai and the Saybleye Army as the Racing Drones
  • Rotom as Gig
  • Floatzel as Tone
  • Raichu as Sparky

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