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  • Pikachu as Vert Wheeler
  • Piplup as Alec Wood
  • Totodile as Finn Serpa
  • Aipom as Lani Tam
  • Squirtle as Felix Sharpy
  • Mudkip as Fluke
  • Oshawott as Mark Wylde
  • Turtwig as Kurt Wylde
  • Bulbasaur as Dan Dresden
  • Snivy as Tono
  • Treecko as Ricky Bell
  • Pansage as Shrimp Scampi
  • Leafeon as Jay Kahn
  • Grovyle as Maximo
  • Gligar as Banjee Castillo
  • Gliscor as as Ric Handy
  • Pidgey as Pete Karris
  • Butterfree as Jerry Boylan
  • Wingull as Skeet
  • Pelliper as Yucatan
  • Swablue as Esmerelda
  • Trapinch as Brain Kadeem
  • Vibrava as Mojave
  • Omanyte as Toni Berry
  • Kabuto as Chuvo
  • Anorith as Charlie Raffa
  • Machope as Heralda
  • Rampardos as Rekkas
  • Chimchar as Taro Kitano
  • Tepig as Vesuvius
  • Charmander as Harrison
  • Cyndaquil as Everst
  • Torchic as Wayne Casper
  • Rapidash as Jet Blaney
  • Pansear as Kraktoa
  • Arceus as Dr Tezla
  • Rotom as Gig
  • Daisy from Thomas The Tank Engine as Golorum

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