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  • Ash as Manny
  • Pikachu as Sid
  • Turtwig as Deigo
  • Piplup as Scrat
  • Jigglypuff as Scratte
  • Pichu as The Baby
  • Ken as Soto
  • Misty as Ellie
  • Vileplume as Shira
  • May as Peaches
  • Meowth as Ethan
  • Glameow as Granny
  • Pichu Bros. as Crash and Eddie
  • Scraggy as Buck
  • Mewtwo as Captain Gutt
  • Ekans as Squint
  • Koffing as Flynn
  • Chimchar as Gupta
  • Wobbuffet as Boris
  • Luxray as Silas

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