• Entei as Manny
  • Raikou as Sid
  • Salamence as Diego
  • Latios as Scrat
  • Sudowoodo as The Baby
  • Pikachu as Roshan
  • Emolga as Scratte
  • James as Soto
  • Torterra as Zeke
  • Suicune as Ellie
  • Slyveon as Shira
  • Delphox as Peaches
  • Ash Ketchum as Ethan
  • Latias as Brooke
  • Drew as Fast Tony
  • Max as Louis
  • Cassidy as Raz
  • Tracey as Uncle Fungus
  • Kenny and Barry as Crash and Eddie
  • Professor Oak as Buck
  • Giovanni as Captain Gutt
  • Paul as Squint
  • Butch as Flynn
  • Tobias as Gupta
  • Lawrence III as Boris
  • Tobias as Silas

Version 2 

  • Ash as Manny
  • Danny as Sid
  • Nelson as Diego
  • Ralph as Scrat
  • Calista as Scratte
  • Malachi as The Baby
  • Goneff as Soto
  • Raiden as Zeke
  • Bailey as Ellie
  • Lara Laramie as Brooke
  • Charmaine as Shira
  • Marina as Young Peaches
  • Wilhelmina as Adult Peaches
  • A.J. as Ethan
  • Wilbur as Fast Tony
  • McKenzie as Louis
  • Giselle as Raz
  • Lance as Uncle Fungus
  • Mikey and Timmy as Crash and Eddie
  • Professor Elm as Buck
  • Yas as Carl
  • Kas as Frank
  • Damian as Captain Gutt
  • Tyson as Squint
  • Egan as Flynn
  • Lt. Surge as Gupta
  • James as Boris
  • Salvador as Silas

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