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  • Buizel as Manny
  • Pikachu as Sid
  • Turtwig as Diego
  • Piplup as Scrat
  • Eeeve as Ellie
  • Buneary as Granny
  • Eevee as Shira
  • Jigglypuff as Peaches
  • Meowth as Ethan
  • Scraggy as Louis
  • Charizard as Crash
  • Ivysaur as Eddie
  • Mewtwo as Captain Gutt
  • Ekans as Squint
  • Koffing as Flynn
  • Coconuts as Gupta
  • Luxray as Boris
  • and more

Version 2 (Made by Pikachufreak)

  • Brock as Manny
  • Ash as Sid
  • Alex Davis as Diego
  • Ralph as Scrat
  • Charmaine as Ellie
  • Marina as Granny
  • Bailey as Shira
  • Calista as Peaches
  • Nelson as Ethan
  • A.J. as Louis
  • Mikey as Crash
  • Timmy as Eddie
  • Ken as Captain Gutt
  • Yas as Squint
  • Kas as Flynn
  • Salvador as Gupta
  • Lt. Surge as Boris

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