• Pikachu as Jimmy Neutron
  • Piplup as Carl Wheezer
  • Buizel as Sheen Estevez
  • Turtwig as Goddard
  • Buneary as Cindy
  • Jigglypuff as Libby
  • Aipom as Britney
  • Krokorok as Jimmy's Dad
  • Cressila as Jimmy's Mom
  • Bisharp as Carl's Dad
  • Audino as Carl's Mom
  • Scraggy as Sheen's Dad
  • Torchic as Sheen's Mom
  • Pichu as Cindy's Dad
  • Aipom as Cindy's Mom
  • Mewtwo as King Goobot V
  • Smoochum as Grandma Taters
  • Meowth as Eustace Strych
  • Wobbuffet as Baby Eddie
  • Pichu (Pichu Big) as Tee
  • Pichu (Pichu Little) as Xixs
  • Teddiursa as Travaltron
  • Glameow as Beautiful Gorgeous
  • Magby as Professor Calamitous
  • Wooper as The Junkman
  • Luxray as Ooblar
  • Pikachutwo as Evil Jimmy
  • Squirtletwo as Evil Carl
  • Bulbasaurtwo as Evil Sheen
  • Vulpixtwo as Evil Cindy
  • Vaporeontwo as Evil Libby
  • Meowthtwo as Evil Nick
  • Psyducktwo as Evil Butch
  • Venusartwo as Evil Ike
  • Charmandertwo as Evil Goddard
  • Wigglypufftwo as Evil Mrs. Fowl
  • Seadratwo as Evil Jimmy's Mom
  • Charizardtwo as Evil Jimmy's Dad
  • Raichu as Future Jimmy
  • Prinplup as Future Carl
  • Floatzel as Future Sheen
  • Lopunny as Future Cindy
  • Wigglypuff as Future Libby

Fairly OddParents

  • Kirby (from Kirby) as Timmy Turner
  • Lololo (from Kirby) as Cosmo
  • Lalala (from Kirby) as Wanda
  • Knuckle Joe (from Kirby) as AJ
  • Tuff (from Kirby) as Chester

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