The Jurassic Park trilogy Pokémonified.

Jurassic Park

Ash as Alan Grant Misty as Ellie Sattler Brock as Ian Malcolm Prof Oak as John Hammond Max as Tim Murphy May as Lex Murphy Gary as Robert Muldoon James as Dennis Nedry Tracey as Donald Gennaro Bruno as Ray Arnold

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

◾Butch as Peter Ludlow ◾Nurse Joy as Sarah Harding ◾as Kelly Curtis ◾Todd Snap as Nick Van Owen ◾Barry as Eddie Carr ◾The Iron Mask Murauder as Ronald Tembo ◾as Ajay ◾as Deiter

Jurassic Park 3

◾Stephan as Paul Kirby ◾Bianca as Amanda Kirby ◾Richie as Billy Brennan ◾Tory as Eric Kirby ◾as Udesky ◾Paul as Nash ◾as Cooper

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