Version 1

  • Misty as Lady
  • Ash as Tramp
  • Charmeleon as Jock
  • Blastoise as Trusty
  • Seel & Dewgong as Si & Am
  • Pikachu as The Beaver
  • Starmie as The Alligator
  • Brock as Tony
  • Elekid as Bull
  • Vulpix as Peg
  • Drew as Jim Dear
  • May as Darling

Version 2 (made by IanXPikachu)

  • Buneary as Lady
  • Pikachu as Tramp
  • Piplup as Jock
  • Growlithe as Trusty
  • Skitty & Glameow as Si & Am
  • Brock as Tony
  • Ash as Jim Dear
  • Serena as Darling

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