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  • Pikachu as Littlefoot
  • Piplup as Chomper
  • Glameow as Cera
  • Snivy as Ducky
  • Scraggy as Petrie
  • Meowth as Spike
  • Glaceon as Ruby
  • Buneary as Ali
  • Mewtwo as Red Claw
  • Bisharp as Topsy
  • Buizel as Bron
  • Squirtle as Shorty
  • Turtwig as Rhett
  • Wobbuffet as Guidoii
  • Lapras as Elsie
  • Wailmer as Mo
  • Ampharos as Grandpa
  • Jolteon as Grandma
  • Charizard as Doc
  • Smoochum as Dil
  • Geodude as Ichy
  • Ozzie as Weavile
  • Strut as Sneasel
  • Lopunny as Old One
  • and more

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