• Pikachu as Red Menace
  • Piplup as Voltar
  • Turtwig as Doktor Frogg
  • Chimchar as Doomageddon
  • Treecko as Steve
  • Charizard,Venusaur,Blastoise,& Raichu as The Legion of Supreme Evil
  • Scizor as Kinder Creep
  • Meowth as Mysterio Villaino
  • Electabuzz as Rock Gothlington
  • Scyther,Hitmonlee,Hitmonchan,Poliwrath,& Machamp as The Force Fighters V(Magenta,Goldenrod,Seafoam Green,Periwinkle,& Rose)
  • Mewtwo as Skullossus
  • Dusclops as Doom Driver
  • Darkrai as Commander Chaos
  • Ho-Oh as General Seargant
  • Glameow as Lightning Liz
  • Alakazam as Master Sweets
  • Machoke as Glory Guy
  • Gastly,Haunter,Gengar,& Misdreavus as Skullmandos
  • Persain as Miss B.Mean
  • Squirtle as Guy
  • Golduck as Sheriff
  • Teddiursa as Snugglebum
  • Charmander as Redhead kid
  • Mankey as Jules LeSimian
  • Machop as Glory Jr.
  • Ninjask as Ninja Waiters
  • Banette as Night Shade
  • Kangaskhan as Cafeteria Lady
  • Moltres as Phil Flambe
  • Grimer as Globulous
  • Bulbasaur as Comissioner Gribnick
  • Arcanine as Gene
  • Jirachi as Nanny Boo-Boo
  • Purrloin as The Cougar

Voice cast

  • Colin Murdock-Pikachu/Poliwrath/Mewtwo/Dusclops/Arcanine
  • Scott McNeil-Piplup/Scizor/Electabuzz/Banette/Moltres/Grimer
  • Lee Tockar-Turtwig/Treecko/Hitmonchan/Squirtle/Golduck/Teddiursa/Charmander/Mankey/Machoke/Machop/Bulbasaur
  • Tabitha St.Germain-Hitmonlee/Persain/Glameow/Kangaskhan/Jirachi/Purrloin
  • Peter Kelamis-Meowth/Scyther
  • Asaph Fiske-Machamp

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