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Cast (Please don't edit)

James as Jean Valjean

Caroline as Fantine

May as Cosette

Brianna as Eponine

Drew as Marius

Ash as Enjolras

Brock as Grantaire

Ash's other traveling companions as the Friends of the ABC

Max as Gavroche

Professor Oak as the Bishop of Digne

Domino as Madame Thenardier

Giovanni as Thenardier

Team Rocket grunts as Thenardier's gang

Cast (IanXPikachu version)

•Brock as Jean Valjean

•Paul as Javert

•May as Fantine

•Serena as Cosette

•Ash as Marius

•Misty as Epinone

•Gary as Enjolras

•James as Thenardier

•Jessie as Madam Thenardier

•Max as Gavroche

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