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Veison 1

  • Pikachu as Alex
  • Piplup as Marty
  • Hariyama as Melman
  • Jigglypuff as Gloria
  • Wobbufet as Skipper
  • Chimchar as Kowalski
  • Koffing as Rico
  • Ekans as Private
  • Krokorok as King Julien
  • Bisharp as Maurice
  • Scraggy as Mort
  • Azurill as Mason
  • Marill as Phil
  • Buneary as Gia
  • Glameow as Dubois
  • Onix as Vitaly
  • Bellossom as Sonya

Verison 2

  • Ash as Alex
  • Pikachu as Marty
  • Brock as Melman
  • May as Glorria
  • James as Makunga
  • Meowth as Joey
  • Gary Oak as Skipper
  • Jessie as Nana
  • Delia as Florrie
  • Cassidy as Dubois

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