• Pikachu as Malcolm
  • Buizel as Reese
  • Piplup as Dewey
  • Meowth as Hal
  • Glameow as Lois
  • Togepi as Jamie
  • Turtwig as Abe
  • Eevee as Kitty
  • Audino as Evelyn
  • Sudowdodo as Lionel
  • Squirtle as Lloyd
  • Jigglypuff as Piama
  • Gligar as Craig
  • Geodude as Chad
  • Dakrai as Dave
  • Mewtwo as Spangler
  • Pichu Big as Francis
  • Pichu Little as Stanley
  • Teddiursa as Finley
  • Magby as Eric
  • Wooper as Drew
  • Smoochum as Lavernia
  • Azumarill as Joe
  • Luxray as Martin
  • Ekans as Patten
  • Koffing as Otis
  • Chimchar as Richie
  • Arbok as Artie
  • Seviper as Pete
  • Gengar as Donnie
  • Haunter as Otto
  • Mightyean as Stevenson
  • Mawille as Gretchen

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