Pokemon/Mario Kart Wii is a parody featuring Mario Kart Wii sounds and Pokemon clips.

Cast (Made only by Pikachufreak)

  • Ash as Mario
  • Danny as Luigi
  • Bailey as Peach
  • Marina as Daisy
  • Zachary Evans as Yoshi
  • Casey as Birdo
  • Mikey as Baby Mario
  • Timmy as Baby Luigi
  • Ephraim as Toad
  • Sakura as Toadette
  • Keegan as Koopa Troopa
  • Gulzar as Dry Bones
  • Mary as Baby Peach
  • Mahri as Baby Daisy
  • Lt. Surge as Donkey Kong
  • Christopher as Diddy Kong
  • Ken as Bowser
  • Egan as Bowser Jr.
  • Koji as Wario
  • Chopper as Waluigi
  • Tyson as King Boo
  • Braggo as Dry Bowser
  • Krystal as Rosalina
  • Ethan as Funky Kong

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