Version 1 (by PB&Jotterisnumber1. Eevee, Popplio & Rowlet)

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  • Eevee as Mike Mazinsky
  • Popplio as Lu
  • Rowlet as Og
  • Oranguru as Wendel
  • Decidueye as Alfred
  • Shiinotic as Margery
  • Silvally as Old Queeks
  • Turtwig as Lancelot
  • Grumpig as Pig
  • Gogoat as Goat
  • Chespin as Spiney
  • Incineroar as Captain
  • Alolan Golem as Mate
  • Turtonator as Bos'n
  • Komala as Wombat
  • Multiple Donphan as Elephants
  • Gumshoos as Hermione Cuzzlewit
  • Twin Yungoos as Haggis and Baggis Cuzzlewit
  • Salamence as Action Guy



Crash Turtwig

Season 1

  1. Sultans of Swat/Tea for Three
  2. The Tube/Roller Madness
  3. Losing Turtwig/Buzz Cut
  4. Donphan Walk/Palm Pet
  5. Yo, Ho, Who?/A Pokémon's Game
  6. Whole Lotta Shakin'/The Mother of All Marathons
  7. Opposites Attack/Hot Couture
  8. Scopin'It Out/The Good Ship Bad
  9. High Rise/The Great Snipe Hunt
  10. Nobody's Nose/Scuba Doobie Doo
  11. Berry Bombs/Turtwig Stew
  12. A Bicycle Built for Me/Crowded House
  13. High Camp/Sneeze, Please

Season 2

  1. A Learning Experience/We the Pokémon
  2. Money/Repeat After Me
  3. Thanks, But No Thanks/Hot Dog
  4. That Sinking Feeling/Founder's Day
  5. Giant Pokémon Steps/Night of the Living Ancestors
  6. For the Love of Eevee/Sparks
  7. Brave Sir Turtwig/The Big Game
  8. Flustering Footwear Flotsam/Fathers and Poffins
  9. Silvally, Silvally, Who's Got the Silvally?/Decidueye, Owl of the Jungle
  10. The King of Curtains/Shiinotic the Ducklett
  11. A Freudian Split/Fitness Fever
  12. The Hunter and the Hunted/To Serve Popplio
  13. The Three Amigas/Sleeping Ugly