• Pikachu as Thomas
  • Pidgeot as Harold
  • Ash Ketchum as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Steelix as Rocky
  • Mantine as Captain
  • Gligar as Edward
  • Sudowoodo as Henry
  • Turtwig as James
  • Buneary as Emily
  • Buizel as Gordon
  • Chimchar as Toby
  • Piplup as Percy
  • Tropius as Crankey
  • Lucario as Hiro
  • Meowth as Diesel
  • Electabuzz as Spencer (No Speaking)
  • Ludicolo as Salty
  • Plusle as Bash
  • Minum as Dash
  • Munchlax as Ferdinand
  • Grimer as Whiff
  • Weavile as Victor
  • Psyduck as Kevin
  • Darkrai as Diesel 10

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