• Pikachu as Kermit
  • Turtwig as Fozzie
  • Piplup as Gonzo
  • Buneary as Ms. Piggy
  • Forretress as Scooter
  • Hitmonlee as Dr.Teeth
  • Electrode as Crazy Harry
  • Hitmonchan as Floyd Pepper
  • Butterfree as Janice
  • Meowth as Rowlf the Dog
  • Tyrogue as Zoot
  • Hitmontop as Animal
  • Tyranitar as Sweetums
  • Skitty as Robin the Frog
  • Vaporeon as Lew Zealand
  • Articuno as Sam the Eagle
  • Squirtle as Bunsen
  • Charmander as Beaker
  • Fearow as Pops
  • Pidgeot as Louis Kazzager
  • Cyndaquil as Rizzo
  • Arbok as Statler
  • Seviper as Waldorf

Any more ideas?

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