Pokémon/Muppets Party Cruise is a Parody featuring Muppets Party Cruise sounds and Pokémon clips. This is made by Pikachufreak.


  • Ash Ketchum as Kermit
  • Brock as Fozzie
  • Alex Davis as Gonzo
  • Bailey as Miss Piggy
  • Chopper as Animal
  • Ralph as Pepe
  • Zachary Evans as Scooter
  • Nelson as Bunsen
  • Mandi as Clifford
  • Umberto as Sweetums
  • Mikey and Timmy as Andy and Randy
  • Lt. Surge and Chuck as Statler and Waldorf
  • Ephraim as Bean Bunny
  • Mikeosu as The Swedish Chef
  • Sylvester as Rizzo
  • Marina as Janice
  • Seymour and Oswald as Link and Julius
  • McKenzie as Beaker
  • Falkner as Lew Zealand
  • Dr. Proctor as Dr. Teeth
  • Tad and Christopher as Johnny and Sal
  • Benji as Crazy Harry
  • Woodruff as The Newsman
  • Melvin as Bobo
  • Chigusa as Camilla
  • Joe as Digit
  • Bruno as Sam
  • Morty as Floyd Pepper
  • Danny as Rowlf
  • Kiyo as Zoot

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