Version 1 (by RetroGameFan9000)

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  • Goodra as Augie Morosco
  • Raichu as Neil Schwary
  • Pikachu as Marilyn Schwary
  • Vulpix as Phoebe
  • Murkrow as Julian Peters
  • Espeon as Elena Morosco
  • Furret as Inspector Bonnard
  • Starly as Alfonso de la Pena
  • Piplup as Detective Toussaint
  • Krookodile as Hercules Popodopoulos
  • Lilligant as Housekeeper
  • Butterfree as Butler
  • Cinccino as Madame de Senneville
  • Emogla as Carla the Agent
  • Lucario as Customs Officer
  • Zorua as Casino Cashier
  • Froakie as The Fashion