Pikachu as Norman Babcock

Celebi as Agatha

Axew as Neil Downe

Lopunny as Courtney Babcock

Floatzel as Mitch Downe

Meowth as Alvin

Delphox as Sandra Babcock

Chesnaught as Perry Babcock

Noivern as Grandma Babcock

Giratina as Judge Hopkins

Ghost Pokemon as The Zombies

Aggron as Mr. Prenderghast

Virizion as Sheriff Hooper

Cobalion as Deputy Wayne

Weavile as Salma

Scolipede as Gucci Lady

Mandibuzz as Mrs. Henscher

Lilligant as Crystal

Mienshao as Parachutist Ghost

Scizor as Greaser Ghost

Quilava as Pug

Mew as Blithe Hollow Kid

Sylveon as Sweet Girl

Mewtwo as The Witch

Sceptile,Garchomp,Milotic,Ursaring,Druddigon,Blaziken, and Swampert as The Blithe Hollow Townspeople

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