This 2

Torchic as Peep

Fletchling as Chirp

Psyduck as Quack

Durant as Ant

Bidoof as Beaver Boy

Bibarel as Beaver Boy's parents

Yanma as Dragonfly

Various water type Pokemon as Fish

Mantyke as Fish Jr

Nocowl as Hoot

Herdier as Nellie

Torkoal as Newton

Another Psyduck as Pink Quack

Bunnelby as Rabbit

Talonflame as Robin

Skuntank as Skunk

Zubat as Bat

Dedenne as Squeak

Glameow as Tom

Oricorio as Splendid Bird

Chespin as Groundhog

Pachirisu as Squirrel

Weedle as Ant from Trading Places

Pikachu as Raccoon

Tranquill as The Blue Jays

Froakie as Frog

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