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  • Teddiursa as Junior Healy
  • Prinplup as Benjamin 'Ben' Healy, Jr.
  • Empoleon as Benjamin 'Big Ben' Healy, Sr.
  • Jigglypuff as LaWanda Dumore
  • Pangoro as Annie Young
  • Pancham as Trixie Young
  • Starly as Igor Peabody
  • Munchlax as Smith, LaWanda's Assistant
  • Raichu as Father Flanagan
  • Victini as Aron Burger
  • Plusle and Minun as Dolly and Madison
  • Eevee as Debbie Calukinski
  • Goodra as Rhoda
  • Furret as Murph
  • Ampharos as Rhoda's boyfriend
  • Pikachu as Mr. Thorn
  • Stufful as Emily
  • Farfetch'd as Voytek