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  • Pikachu as Robin Hood
  • Buneary as Maid Marian
  • Chimchar as Little John
  • Croagunk as Alan-A-Dale
  • Meowth as Prince John
  • Ekans as Sir Hiss
  • Electabuzz as The Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Vaporeon as Mrs. Rabbit
  • Piplup as Skippy
  • Turtwig as Toby
  • Marill as Sis
  • Azurill as Tanalong (Little Rabbit)
  • Aipom as Lady Kluck
  • Bulbasaur as Friar Tuck
  • Torkoal as Otto
  • Lucario as King Richard
  • Plusle as Father Mouse
  • Minum as Mother Mouse

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