Pokemon/Rocko's Modern Life is a parody featuring Rocko's Modern Life sounds and Pokemon clips. This is made by Pikachufreak.


  • Pikachu as Rocko
  • Piplup as Heffer
  • Squirtle as Filburt
  • Growlithe as Spunky
  • Aggron as Mr. Bighead
  • Tyranitar as Mrs. Bighead
  • Buneary as Dr. Hutchinson
  • Cranidos as Chuck
  • Shieldon as Leon
  • Dewott as George Wolfe
  • Brionne as Virginia Wolfe
  • Samurott as Grandpa Wolfe
  • Primarina as Grandma Wolfe
  • Oshawott as Peter Wolfe
  • Popplio as Cindy Wolfe
  • Aron as Ralph Bighead
  • Joltik as Bloaty
  • Cutiefly as Squirmy
  • Conkeldurr as Really Really Big Man
  • Darkrai as Peaches
  • Giratina as The Hopping Hessian
  • Karrablast as Flecko
  • Houndoom as Earl

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