Cast (Coming to YouTube in 2014)

  • Serena as Sailor Moon
  • Rebecca as Sailor Mercury
  • Krystal as Sailor Mars
  • Chigusa as Sailor Jupiter
  • Marina as Sailor Venus
  • Ash as Tuxedo Mask
  • Marcellus as Sammy Tsukino
  • Mary as Sailor Mini Moon
  • Professor Ivy as Mrs. Tsukino
  • Professor Oak as Mr. Tsukino
  • Calista as Molly Baker
  • Bucky as Melvin McCellbellum
  • Jessie as Queen Beryl
  • Pietra as Sailor Uranus
  • Sissy as Sailor Neptune
  • Violet as Sailor Pluto
  • Cherry as Sailor Saturn
  • Sally (a black cat) as Luna
  • Matthew (a white cat) as Artemis

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