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Version 1 by Legendaries2015

  • Latias as Snow White
  • Latios as The Prince
  • Charizard as Doc
  • Garchomp as Grumpy
  • Dragonite as Happy
  • Hydreigon as Sleepy
  • Salamence as Bashful
  • Noivern as Sneezy
  • Flygon as Dopey
  • Nidoqueen as The Evil Queen
  • Shiftry as The Huntsman
  • Zoroark as The Witch
  • Darkrai as The Magic Mirror

Version 2 by IanXPikachu

  • Misty as Snow White
  • Pikachu as Doc
  • Corphish as Grumpy
  • Mudkip as Happy
  • Munchlax as Sleepy
  • Piplup as Bashful
  • Cyndaquil as Sneezy
  • Gible as Dopey
  • Ash Ketchum as The Prince
  • Jessie as The Evil Queen
  • James as The Huntsman
  • Brutella as The Witch
  • Gastly as The Magic Mirror

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