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Cast (Coming To YouTube in 2014)

  • Ash as Sonic
  • Ralph as Tails
  • Brock as Knuckles
  • Koji as Shadow
  • Krystal as Rouge
  • Chopper as Omega
  • Bailey as Amy
  • Marina as Cream
  • Mandi as Big
  • Alex Davis as Espio
  • Sylvester as Charmy
  • Kiyo as Vector
  • Ken as Dr. Eggman
  • Giovanni as Metal Sonic
  • The Iron Masked Marauder as Metal Madness
  • Atilla as Metal Overlord
  • Ash Ryu as Super Sonic
  • Ralph Kensou as Super Tails
  • Brock Matsuda as Super Knuckles

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