• Ash as Leonardo
  • Harley as Donatello
  • Brock as Raphael
  • Max as Michelangelo
  • Professor Oak as Splinter
  • Misty as April O'Neil
  • May as Irma
  • James as Shredder
  • Drew as Vernon Fenwick
  • Gary as Burne Thompson

Version 2

  • Pikachu as Leonardo
  • Piplup as Michaelangelo
  • Buizel as Raphael
  • Turtwig as Donatello
  • Ash as Splinter
  • Mewtwo as Shredder
  • Meowth as Krang
  • Buneary as April O'Neil
  • Jigglypuff as Irma
  • Wobbufett as Hun
  • Ekans as Bebop
  • Koffing as Rocksteady
  • Glameow as Karai
  • Ghetsis as Lord Dregg
  • Pikachutwo as Slash
  • Mawile as Tempestra
  • Marowak as Casey Jones
  • Sudowoodo as Fugitoid
  • Victreebell as Baxter Stockman
  • Krookorok as Leatherhead
  • Muk as Muckman
  • Emolga as Cha Ocho

Version 3 

  • Ash as Leonardo
  • Brock as Donatello
  • Ralph as Raphael
  • Nelson as Michaelangelo
  • Goneff as Shredder
  • Marina as April O'Neil
  • Charmaine as Irma
  • Bailey as Mona Lisa
  • Alex Davis as Casey Jones
  • Professor Oak as Splinter

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