Pokemon/The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar is a crossover between Pokemon and The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar, simply made as a parody spoof made up by Pikachufreak.


  • Pikachu as Carlos Caterpillar
  • Meowth as Sluggy
  • Bulbasaur as Antonio Ant
  • Togepi as Lety
  • Jigglypuff as Fleacia
  • Wobbuffet as Weevil
  • Cubone as Rollando
  • Snubbull as Spidey
  • Electabuzz as Don Juanito
  • Jynx as Dona Pilar
  • Hitmonlee as Uncle Pedro
  • Medicham as Dona Delia
  • Donphan as Don Sluggs
  • Miltank as Dona Sluggs
  • Rhydon as Grasscopper
  • Scizor as Padre Ignacio
  • Nidoking as Doc
  • Sandslash as Rafa
  • Ledian as Mariquita
  • Ariados as Emilio

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