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  • Pikachu as Gumball
  • Piplup as Darwin
  • Jigglypuff as Anais
  • Cresselia as Nicole
  • Krokorok as Richard
  • Buneary as Penny
  • Turtwig as Banana Joe
  • Mewtwo as Gaylord Robinson
  • Pichu Bros. as The Eggheads
  • Spinarak as Ocho
  • Litwick as Carrie
  • Mr.Mime as Larry Needlemeyer
  • Torkoal as Hector
  • Machop as Juke
  • Hitmontop as Tobias
  • Meloetta as Teri
  • Hariyama as Tina Rex
  • Infernape as Ms. Simian
  • Chimchar as Jamie
  • Mantine as Principal Brown
  • Oshawott as Anton
  • Horsea as Idaho
  • Grimer as Kenneth
  • Glameow as Margaret Robinson
  • Deoxys as Penny's Dad
  • Lopunny as Penny's Mom
  • Cleffa as Penny's Sister
  • Aipom as Granny Jojo
  • Vanillite as Dolly
  • Teddiursa as Rocky Robinson
  • Tyranitar as Officer Doughnut
  • Scyther as Fingerprint
  • Sunflora as Leslie
  • Magnemite as Bobert
  • Petilil as Rachel
  • Ditto as Clayton
  • Whimsicott as Masami
  • Maractus as Carmen
  • Gothorita as Molly
  • Bayleef as Sussie
  • Ninjask as William
  • Torterra as Banana Bob
  • Dustox as Banana Barbara
  • Treecko as The Green Bear
  • Clefairy as The Pink Bear

Version 2

  • Ash as Gumball
  • Pikachu as Darwin
  • Dawn as Anais
  • May as Nicole
  • Brock as Richard
  • Misty as Penny
  • Gary Oak as Banana Joe
  • Jessie as Tina Rex
  • Cassidy as Miss Simian
  • Professor Oak as Principal Brown
  • Officer Jenny as Granny Jojo
  • Tracey as Mr. Small
  • Drew as Tobias
  • Serena as Teri
  • Todd as William
  • Ritchie as Rocky Robinson
  • Giovanni as Mr. Robinson
  • Max as Leslie
  • Nurse Joy as Masami
  • James as The Robber

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