• Ash Ketchum as Billy
  • May as Mandy (Both Starts With "M")
  • Duskull as Grim
  • Tepig as Irwin
  • Krokorok as Harold
  • Nidoqueen as Gladys
  • Serperior as Sperg
  • Emolga as Mindy
  • Riolu as Nergal
  • Meowth as Nergal Jr.
  • Blastoise as Dick
  • Leavanny as Grandma
  • Dragonite as Philip
  • May as Claire
  • Milotic as Ms. Butterbean
  • Gyarados as Principal Goodvibes
  • Lapras as Nigel Planter
  • Flaaffy as Eris
  • Magmortar as Hoss Delgado

Version 2

  • Pikachu as Billy
  • Ralts as Mandy
  • Duskull as Grim
  • Croagunk as Irwin
  • Raichu as Harold
  • Lopunny as Gladys
  • Lavitar as Sperg
  • Jigglypuff as Mindy
  • Gengar as Nergal
  • Gastly as Nergal Jr.
  • Toxicroak as Dick
  • Cofagrigus as Judy

and more

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