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Magmar King

Here is a pokefied version of my spoof called the Magmar King.

Pokemon (kanto only) Lion King 1

  • Ash as Mufasa
  • Misty as Sarabi
  • Pichu as Young Simba
  • Igglybuff as Young Nala
  • Pidgey as Zazu
  • Mewtwo as Scar
  • Venusaur,Charizard and Blastoise are Hyenas
  • Primeape as Rafiki
  • Pikachu as Adult Simba
  • Jigglypuff as Adult Nala
  • Clefairy as Timon
  • Psyduck as Pumbaa

Pokemon (Johto only)/Lion King 2

  • Pikachu as Simba
  • Jigglypuff as Nala
  • Eevee (Female) as Young Kiara
  • Eevee (Male) as Young Kovu
  • Espeon as Adult Kiara
  • Umbreon as Adult Kovu
  • Clefable as Timon
  • Golduck as Pumbaa
  • Primeape as Rafiki
  • Suicune as Zira
  • Raikou as Vitani
  • Entei as Nuka

Version 2 by IanXPikachu (Dec 1st) (Do Not Edit!)

  • Chimchar as Simba
  • Infernape as Adult Simba
  • Aipom as Nala
  • Ambipom as Adult Nala
  • Entei as Mufasa
  • Luxray as Scar
  • Pikachu as Timon
  • Piplup as Pumbaa
  • Misdreavus as Shenzi
  • Gastly as Banzai
  • Sableye as Ed
  • Flareon as Sarabi
  • Chatot as Zazu
  • Primeape as Rafiki

Version 3 (Legendaries2015)

  • Dialga as Mufasa
  • Palkia as Sarabi
  • Jolteon as Young Simba
  • Zekrom as Adult Simba
  • Flareon as Young Nala
  • Reshiram as Adult Nala
  • Articuno as Zazu
  • Arceus as Scar
  • Meowth as Timon
  • Wobbuffet as Pumbaa
  • Absol as Rafiki
  • Regice as Shenzi
  • Registeel as Banzai
  • Regirock as Ed

Version 4 Made by The Pyroar King

  • Pyroar (Male) as Mufasa/Adult Simba
  • Pyroar (Female) as Sarabi/Adult Nala
  • Litleo (Male) as Young Simba
  • Litleo (Female) as Young Nala
  • Watchog as Timon
  • Pignite as Pumbaa
  • Murkrow as Zazu
  • Infernape as Rafiki
  • Luxray as Scar
  • Mightyena (x3) as Shenzi Banzai and Ed

Version 5(made by 15sturmelle)(PLEASE DON'T EDIT!!!)

  • Scizor as Mufasa
  • Kangaskhan as Sarabi
  • Chansey as Sarafina
  • Magby as Young Simba
  • Smoochum as Young Nala
  • Magmar as Adult Simba
  • Jynx as Adult Nala
  • Dewott as Timon
  • Bulbasaur as Pumbaa
  • Pidgeotto as Zazu
  • Mankey as Rafiki
  • Electabuzz as Scar
  • Raichu as Shenzi
  • Electrode as Banzai
  • Electrike as Ed

Version 6 made by Hiatt Grey (FanFiction story)

  • Pichu as Baby Simba
  • Pikachu as Young Simba
  • Buneary as Young Nala
  • Raichu as Adult Simba
  • Lopunny as Adult Nala
  • Meowth as Timon
  • Wobbufett as Pumbaa
  • Manectric as Mufasa
  • Jolteon as Sarabi
  • Luxray as Scar
  • Regirock as Shenzi
  • Registeel as Banzai
  • Regice as Ed
  • Mankey as Rafiki
  • Gligar as Zazu
  • Kangaskhan as Nala's Mother
  • Eevee (Female) as Young Kiara
  • Eevee (Male) as Young Kovu
  • Espeon as Adult Kiara
  • Umbreon as Adult Kovu
  • Zapdos as Zira
  • Moltress as Vitani
  • Articuno as Nuka

The Pokémon King (Official Version)

Coming soon

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