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  • Pikachu as Moe Howard
  • Piplup as Larry Fine
  • Buizel as Curly Howard
  • Meowth as Shemp Howard
  • Sparky as Joe Besser
  • Bisharp as Curly Joe DeRita
  • Scraggy as Emil Sitka
  • Ekans as Professor Richmond
  • Koffing as Professor Nichols
  • Buneary as Moe's Girlfriend
  • Jigglypuff as Larry's Girlfriend
  • Glameow as Curly's Girlfriend
  • Mew as Shemp's Girlfriend
  • Aipom as Joe's Girlfriend
  • Audino as Curly Joe's Girlfriend
  • Arbok as John Tyrell
  • Seviper as Blackie Whiteford
  • Mankey as Al Rosen
  • Pichu Big as Pauly D
  • Pichu Little as Ronnie
  • Teddiursa as Vinny
  • Smoochum as Sammie
  • Eevee as Jwoww
  • Bellossom as Snooki
  • Mewtwo as Mac
  • Mawille as Lydia
  • Ash as Mr. Harter
  • Misty as Mrs. Harter
  • Bulbasaur as Baby Moe Howard
  • Squirtle as Baby Larry Fine
  • Charmander as Baby Curly Howard
  • Pichu as Young Moe Howard
  • Pachirisu as Young Larry Fine
  • Geodude as Young Curly Howard
  • Gengar as Officer Armstong
  • Haunter as Officer Mycroft

Version 2

  • Ash as Moe
  • Brock as Larry
  • Drew as Curly
  • Cilan as Shemp

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