Gligar as Chris Mclean

Mewtwo as Chef Hatchet

Chimchar as Alejandro

Bellosom as Beth

Marill as Bridgette

Piplup as Cody

Aipom as Courtney

Sudowoodo as Dj

Meowth as Duncan

Smocchum as Eva

Bulbasaur as Ezekiel

Azurill as Geoff

Emolga as Gwen

Charmander as Harold

Glameow as Heather

Buneary as Izzy

Squirtle as Justin

Ekans as Katie

Cresselia as Leshawna

Jigglypuff as Lindsay

Turtwig as Noah

Pikachu as Owen

Koffing as Sadie

Eevee as Sierra

Buizel as Trent

Sparky as Tyler

Ninetales as Anne Maria

Raichu as B

Sandslash as Brick

Totodile as Cameron

Gardevoir as Dakota

Lopunny as Dawn

Scyther as Jo

Hitmonlee as Lightning

Umbreon as Mike

Gallade as Sam

Cyndaquil as Scott

Chikorita as Staci

Espeon as Zoey

Version 2(made by 15sturmelle)

  • Mayor of Trovitopolis as Chris McLean
  • Goneff as Chef
  • Rudy as Alejandro
  • Mariah(Johto) as Beth
  • Cassidy as Blaineley
  • Sissy as Bridgette
  • Benji as Cameron
  • Ash as Cody
  • Tyra as Courtney 
  • Mikey as DJ
  • Chopper as Duncan
  • Jeanette Fisher as Eva
  • Damien as Ezekiel
  • Mateo as Geoff
  • Whitney as Gwen
  • Christopher (Johto) as Harold
  • Lakoko as Heather
  • Temacu as Izzy
  • Maylene as Jo
  • James as Justin
  • Sakura as Katie
  • Marina (Orange Islands) as Leshawna
  • Kiyo as Lightning
  • Cassandra as Lindsay
  • Potter as Mike
  • Gulzar as Noah
  • Zachary Evans as Owen
  • Casey as Sadie
  • Jenaro as Sam
  • Ken as Scott
  • Bailey as Sierra
  • Morty as Trent
  • Corey as Tyler
  • Florinda Showers as Zoey

Total Pokemon All Stars cast(made by 15sturmelle)

  • Captain Crook as Chris McLean
  • Goneff as Chef
  • Rudy as Alejandro
  • Mikey as Cameron
  • Giselle as Courtney
  • Chopper as Duncan
  • Tyra as Gwen
  • Lakoko as Heather
  • Cissy as Jo
  • Kiyo as Lightning
  • Temacu as Lindsay
  • Potter as Mike
  • Jenaro as Sam
  • Ken as Scott
  • Sakura as Sierra
  • Florinda Showers as Zoey

Total Pokemon Island, Total Pokemon Action, Total Pokemon World Tour, Total Pokemon Revenge Of The Island, Total Pokemon All-Stars, Total Pokemon Pahkitew Island

  • James as Chris McLean
  • Smoochum as Anne Maria
  • Bellossom as Beth
  • Maril as Bridgette
  • Clefairy as Dakota
  • Mew as Dawn
  • Chansey as Ella
  • Psyduck as Ezekiel
  • Squirtle as Geoff
  • Espeon as Gwen
  • Jynx as Leshawna
  • Jigglypuff as Lindsay
  • Meowth as Max
  • Pikachu as Mike
  • Vulpix as Scarlett
  • Snubbull as Sugar
  • Buneary as Zoey

Total Pokemon: The Ridonculous Race

  • Professor Oak as Don
  • Dawn as Carrie
  • Giselle as Crimson
  • Ash as Devin
  • Lance as Ennui
  • James as Jacques
  • Jessie as Josee
  • Drew as Noah
  • Zachary Evans as Owen
  • Serena as Emma
  • May as Kitty
  • Charmaine as MacArthur
  • Officer Jenny as Sanders
  • Ritchie as Brody
  • Norman as Geoff
  • Tracey as Gerry
  • Mandi as Pete
  • Professor Birch as Dwayne
  • Ephraim as Dwayne Junior
  • Reiko as Jen
  • Nelson as Tom
  • Delia as Kelly
  • Sabrina as Taylor
  • Brock as Ryan
  • Chigusa as Stephanie
  • Dorian as Rock
  • Sylvester as Spud
  • Mikey as Jay
  • Timmy as Mickey
  • Marina as Ellody
  • Cynthia as Mary
  • Dario as Chet
  • Andreas as Lorenzo
  • Professor Elm as Leonard
  • Nurse Joy as Tammy

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