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  • Cast
  • Pikachu as Jim Hawkins
  • Gothitelle as Sarah Hawkins
  • Meowth as Dr.Delbert Doppler
  • Glameo as Captain Amelia
  • Ditto as Morph
  • Kingler as Scroop
  • Darkarai as John Silver
  • Piplu as B.E.N.
  • Mewtwo as Mr. Arrow
  • Entei as Captain Nathaniel Flint
  • Suicune as Billy Bones
  • Articuno as Hands
  • Zapdos as Longbourne
  • Raikou as Turnbuckle
  • Ho-Oh as Onus
  • Lugia as Hedley
  • Celebi as Torrance
  • Skarmory as Mertock
  • Fearow as Krailoni
  • Taillow as Fayvoon
  • Jolteon as Grewnge
  • Murkrow as Verne
  • Steelix as Crex
  • Pidgeotto as Blinko
  • Smeargle as Zoff

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