• Pikachu as Sawtooth
  • Buizel as Rufus Ruffcut
  • Pipup as Private Meekly
  • Chimchar as Professor Pat Pending
  • Krokorok, Bisharp, Scraggy, Greudo, Wooper, Psyduck and Swinub as The Ant Hill Mob
  • Buneary as Penilupe Pitstop
  • Gligar as Peter Perfect
  • Beldrum as Rock Slag
  • Magnemite as Gravel Slag
  • Turtwig as Red Max
  • Squirtle as Lazy Luke
  • Sudowoodo as Blubber Bear
  • Mewtwo as Dick Dastradly
  • Teddiursa as Muttley
  • Pichu (Pichu Big) as Zilly
  • Pichu (Pichu Little) as Klunk
  • Smoochum as Muttley's Girlfriend
  • Electrabuzz as The Vulture Squadron General
  • Magby as The Mad Scientist
  • Sqirtbomb as The Sea Captain
  • Pachirisu as Yankee Doodle Pigeon
  • Dakrai as The Hooded Claw
  • Plusle and Minun as The Bully Bros.
  • and more

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