Version 1

  • Ash as Winnie The Pooh
  • Pikachu as Piglet
  • Cilan as Tigger
  • Misty as Rabbit
  • Brock as Eeyore
  • Max as Roo (Both related to May and Kanga)
  • May as Kanga
  • Iris as Gopher
  • Togepi as Kessie
  • Jessie and James as Stan and Heff
  • Giovanni as Wooster

Version 2

  • Pikachu as Winnie the Pooh
  • Piplup as Piglet
  • Meowth as Tigger
  • Turtwig as Rabbit
  • Buizel as Eeyore
  • Buneary as Kanga
  • Togepi as Roo
  • Gligar as Owl
  • Ash as Christopher Robin
  • Mewtwo as Nasty Jack

Version 3 (made by Pikachufreak, Coming To YouTube in November)

  • Ash as Winnie the Pooh
  • Mandi as Eeyore
  • Alex Davis as Rabbit
  • Brock as Tigger
  • Ralph as Piglet
  • Danny as Christopher Robin
  • Bailey as Kanga
  • Marcellus as Roo
  • Andreas as Gopher
  • Lance as Owl
  • Tenma as Papa Heffalump
  • Ellen as Mama Heffalump
  • Skyler as Junior Heffalump
  • Mary as Young Kessie
  • Marina as Teen Kessie
  • Crook as Smudge
  • Scuz as Crud
  • Damian as Stan Woozle
  • Koji as Heff Heffalump
  • Ken as Wooster
  • Bruno as Bruno
  • Kim, Kail and Kai as The Thug Dolls
  • Goneff as Nasty Jack
  • Wilhelmina as Christopher Robin's Mom
  • Ephraim as Dexter
  • Andrea as Aunt Ophelia
  • Jenaro as Uncle Torbett
  • Beedrill as Bees
  • Ghost Pokemon as Heffalumps and Woozles in Piglet's Nightmare
  • Murkrow as Crows
  • Caterpie as Bugs
  • Pichu as The Pack Rats

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