red as jason

yellow as trini

brock as billy

green as kimberly

blue as zack

ash as tommy

gold as rocky

kris as aisha

hilda as tanya

dawn as katherine

gary as adam

roark as trey of trifora

max as justin

brendan as T.J.

misty as ashley

may as cassie

tracy as carlos

lucas as andros

silver as zhane


prof. oak as zordon

abra as alpha 5 and alpha 6

lt. surge and A.J. as bulk and skull

villains(NOTE: these are only the villains from mighty morphin power rangers)

jessie as rita

james as zedd

meouth as finster

zords: (NOTE: these are only the zords from mighty morphin power rangers)

charizard as tyrannosaurus

blastoise as triceratops

vensaur as mastodon

butterfree as saber tooth tiger

jigglypuff as pterodactyl

pikachu as dragonzord

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