Narrator: The Truth. Celebrations ripple through the Hoenn region. Ash, Brock, Dawn, Max, Misty, rescued villagers and Pokemon escaped from Karda Nui just as the cavern was filled with intense energy. Team Rocket's elites were not so lucky. They were trapped in Karda Nui and obliterated. May had become the Great Spirit of the ocean and Manaphy glowed with health and happiness. Just as Pokemon Professors Oak and Birch are about to congratulate the brave group, a chilled voice and breeze sweeps over the ocean and both Manaphy and Kyogre are surrounded by plasma sheilds. It was a voice no one thought to hear again. The voice and figure that appeared on the being's head that was of Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket himself.

Giovanni (voice mock by narrator): I am every sea. I am the ocean you see.

Narrator: May had heroricly sacraficed her original body to save Manaphy from death. But Giovanni had collected a Plasma Chain to hide inside the being so he could wait for Ash and May to reactivate the original body with her spirit. Giovanni would now rule the current body of May, the entire ocean in world of Pokemon. Evil laughter shakes across the seas in the Hoenn region. A tremor is felt from Ash. Trapped in the golden Mask of Life, the mind and spirit of May is hurled through space at high speeds on journey whose destination is unknown for now.

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