Its a made up game by Stardustdragon123 for made-up uses on PS3, Nintendo Wii and Ds


Cutscene: Prologue

Tahu and Ash: Rescue the trainers and defeat the Kohrak swarm.

Kopaka and Misty: Chase and defeat Gahlok and Tahnok through time limit side missions.

Cutscene: Guardian Nuva Transformation

Gali Nuva and Dawn: Rescue the trainers and defeat the Bohrok-Kal

Pohatu Nuva and Max: Escape the Po-Wahi mine shaft and find Onua Nuva and Brock

Onua Nuva and Brock: Escape the collapsing tunnels and defeat Levahk

Lewa Nuva and Misty: Rescue the trainers, get through Le-Wahi and defeat Panrahk

Tahu Nuva and Ash: Race Kuhrahk to Ta-Koro and come 1st.

Cutscene: The seventh Guardian

Cutscene: May vs the Shadows

May: Defeat Makuta in a two stage battle.

Cutscene: Darkness Vanquished

Missions Plotline

It all begins with a welcome ceremony for the six guardians with Ash and his friends (except May) and their task to defeat Makuta and banish darkness from Mata Nui. As the ceremony ends, May shows up to apologise for missing it and to inform that Nui Kopen and Tahnok have been chasing her. As they hear the buzzing of the Nui Kopen, the Guardians, Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Kopaka, Onua and Pohatu step in to protect the trainers long enough to scare off the creatures. Gali then informs they need to travel back to their seperate Wahi to deal with the creatures but not alone. Knowing three Wahi would be defenceless against the odds, Ash agrees for him and his friends to help. After saving 6 trainers ambushed by Nui Kopen and defeating a swarm of Kohrak in Ta-Wahi, May shows up to the arena to inform Ash and Tahu of a Mask she fished out of the lava. Tahu then tells Ash to escort May back to Ta-Wahi while he finds Kopaka as he has discovered the Bohrok's power and weakness. He then travels to Ko-Wahi to inform Kopaka of the situation when he tells him that he and Misty are in pursuit of a Gahlok that's heading to destroy Ko-Koro. After defeat the Gahlok and saving the Koro, they come face to face with the swarm leader a Tahnok. They defeat it just before it gets to Kopaka's Suva and recover the remaining seven Krana. After they reunite, the Guardians are transformed to Toa Nuva with greater power and skills before returning to deal with Makuta's threats. Back in Ga-Wahi as Dawn and Gali arrive, Nokama informs them of the Bohrok-Kal invasion. Dawn then steps in to help Gali rescue the six trainers with the help from Gali's Mask of Water Breathing and defeats the swarm. May then informs the duo of the Rahkshi heading for Onu-Wahi. Max and Pohatu hearing the news quickly get trapped in a mine shaft and only just escape from a swarm of Nui-Jaga. They then find Brock and Onua and they tell them to find Ash and Tahu before they suddently end up in the collapsing Onu-Wahi. After escaping the tunnels they confront and defeat Levahk by bringing down the Drill on him. Later in Le-Wahi, Dawn and Gali arrive suprised to find Lewa drained of his powers. With some moral support, he and Misty head through Le-Wahi and defeat Panrahk at the swamp floor.

Over in Ta-Wahi, May then tells Tahu and Ash of the Mask of Light she found earlier and how Kuurahk snatched from her and was heading to destroy Ta-Koro. Tahu and Ash then pursue and beat Kuurahk in a 2 on 1 race. Kuurahk then crashes into the lava stream. The Mask of Light as if it had a mind of its own attaches itself to May's face revealing her to be the Toa of Light before warping to Makuta's Lair. Makuta suprised by her arrival then challenges her to a fight of the shadows for the fate of Mata Nui. apon his defeat, May balances light and shadow over Mata Nui before returning to her friends as the credits roll by.

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