The start off

It all begins at the end of Pokemon: Core of the Mysteries when the giant of the sea (May's current form) arises from Cerulean Bay saying "Thank you" to Ash for his help. Suddently the eyes of the giant change to red and Giovanni appears on the being's head. He unleashes Team Rocket grunts capturing trainers and Ash's friends. With May's spirit captured, she was left powerless to save him. Her spirit is then trapped in the Mask of Life and hurled out at fast speeds out of the world and on a journey through space with her name echoing by rebirth. Soon the Mask of Life crashes on a desert planet at night. As soon as it cools down, it brings up sand particles, creating a new body for May. She then walks slowly, trying to get used to her new body. May almost steps on a Torchic wandering through the crater and quickly befriends it. It then touches the Mask of Life on her shoulder and quickly goes to her hand as it turns to a blaze sheild. Amazed, she quickly turns around just in time to see a monstrous warrior creature attack her. Even with her new sheild, May barely defends herself from the stinger before thrusting up her sheild to knock it off. The creature flees as the sheild turns back to Torchic. A chariot of some short shows up at the crater and she runs towards it when it suddently stops and the driver saying to state her business. May, not sure how to answer says of her being a traveller looking for the nearest place. The stranger then says the nearest place would be Vulcanus as he was heading there for some business to do and introduces himself as Metus. After May introduces herself, she hops aboard the chariot to Vulcanus. Metus then tells her of the Skrall and Bone Hunters that roam the open, attacking anyone that crosses their path and that she was lucky that was only slightly less dangerous with Vorox. They then arrive Vulcanus with Metus saying there just in time leaving May to ponder in thought for a minute. He then explains that the villagers used their best trainers in randomizer battles destroying each other. Metus then introduces her to Raanu, explaining since their trainer Ackar lost his taste for battle meaning if he loses the match is then banished to the harsh desert of Bara Magna and also says which isn't actually true no doubt why Metus brought her to Vulcanus. Metus then says of himself being able to recruit first time trainers to be known as Pokeadiators which he then asks May about. May then says she'll think about once the match is over. The match begins with the round being Ackar's Heracross against Strakk. After knocking Strakk to his knees, Ackar then says to concede so the match ends with him winning but both their honours intact. Strakk quietly agrees. As Ackar turns his back to claim the ice sheild, Strakk jumps up and hurls his ice blade knocking Ackar unconcous. May realising that Strakk having breaking the rules, straps on nearby armour and jumps to the arena as Torchic becomes her Blaze Sheild and pulls out the Vorox tail. Metus then takes intrest to her being intrested in her Torchic. Strakk, about to kill Ackar then gets kicked from the side by May. He then charges at her being an outsider as they would call it. Strakk relentlessly attacks May before knocking her to the ground with her sheild held up. Ackar regains concousness and pleas Strakk to battle him for her fate but to no avail, he continues his brutal assault on May, trying to knock off her Blaze Sheild.

As all seems lost, the Mask of Life transforms the Vorox tail into a strange looking sword. As Strakk is stunned, May trips him to the floor, knocks his ice blade and swordpoints him to concede fairly which he eventually does. He is then banished for breaking the rules. May then travels with Ackar to his cave before Metus comes out offering her to join being a first Pokeadiator on Vulcanus for her bravery. She then reluctenly agrees, but warns him the actual result would be decided in one week. Ackar then asks her of her plans next which is to find a way back to Earth to save her friends. Suddently, a Pokeadiator named Kiina jumps in the cave to her excitment that May's appearance on Bara Magna has proved of being other worlds beyond theirs. She then explains of her finding a hidden carvern underneath her village Tajun. Ackar agrees to set out first thing the next morning. During the night, May stays up to find the Mask of Life reacting to a nearby falling star heading towards the crater she began her journey from. She then runs to the crater just as the star impacts without knowing Ackar running after her. After the bright light dissapates, May they peeks to see the figure inside being Ash. With help from Ackar, she gets him back to Vulcanus. Ash then wakes up to find May in front of him. After May introduces him to Ackar and Kiina, Ash tells her everything that has happened including how Professor Oak manage to get his Machoke to do a super-charged Sesmic Toss to hurl him to Bara Magna in one piece.

Sneak Peek 2

Strakk: You're finished now old... Oof!

May: (pants)

Strakk: I'll get you down for that outsider! RRRRaaaaaaaggghhhhhh!!!!!


May: Ahh!

Clang x2

May: Oof! (pants)

Clang x2

Metus: Ooh. Ah. Too bad.

Raanu: I hoped she'd bring a decent price.

Clang x3

Strakk: Rrraaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhh!!!


May: Ahh!


Ackar: Strakk, no! You're fight's with Heracross.

Strakk: You're next Ackar. She asked for it. Now she's going to get it!

May: (pants)

(Glimmer Shine)

Strakk: What the? How did? Oof!


May: Concede.

Strakk: Fine.

May: For all to hear!

Strakk: I concede.

Crowd: Gasp!

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