May (narrating): It is said that all endings are merely beginnings waiting to be born. My new destiny was much the same. Once, I was a trainer at the start, then a towering giant. Ruler of the ocean. Brave, beholden to none. Protector of all water Pokemon until I was betrayed. All that I had been, all had I known was stolen from me by an ongoing evil. My power stripped away, my friends captured. I was left powerless to save them. And yet a part of me survived, my spirit. Captured and preserved inside a mask I had used on my recent adventures, its name echoing by rebirth. The Mask of Life.

Titles: Pikachu the Movie presents, A Universal production. Pokemon New World Ordeal.

May: Sorry, I am not yet steady on my feet in this new form. I have a feeling you are trying to tell me something.

(May lowers her hand to Torchic)

May: Easy, I will not hurt you. Its the Mask your intersted in. Huh?

(The Mask of Life turns Torchic into a Blaze Sheild)

May: Brilliant!... Which you can see for yourself. (A Vorox comes up on the crater edge). Huh?

Vorox: Rooooooaaaaaaaaargggggggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May: Ahh!

(The Vorox prepares itself to attack May)

Vorox: Rrrrarrrrrr!!

May: Ungh! Ah! Oof! Gasp!

Vorox Raaaaaaarrrrr! (snap) Raar! Raaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!

May: Phew. (the sheild turns back to Torchic) Before tonight, I never had any greater help from anyone or anything. Thank you. Should we call it even and go our seperate ways. Hey, easy. It was just a... Huh?

Metus: State your business.

May: Just a trainer looking for the nearest town.

Metus: Hahaha! You may as well start digging. Here on the planet of Bara Magna, you're bound to find the ruins of one or another.

May: Huh?

Metus: That's a joke. Let me guess, not a big laugher? Well to answer your question, the nearest village is Vulcanus. I've got some business there if you want a ride that is you rather get captured by a pack of Bone Hunters or worse Skrall with Mightyena.

May: What are Bone Hunters and Skrall?

Metus: No one you ever want to meet. Hey, you've got a... Relax, you've got a dusty Torchic. I was just trying to get the dirty thing away.

May: Thanks, but I like him where it is.

Metus: Whatever. I'm Metus.

May: I'm May.

Metus: Hold on.

May: What happened here?

Metus: Who knows? Been like this long as any of our ancestors can remember. But if I had to make a guess, I would say it was...

May: Evil.

Metus: I was going to say earthquake, maybe volcanic eruption but evil works. Not from around here are you?

May: No.

Metus: I figured. Its clear you can defeat a Vorox and there aren't many youngsters who can do that.

May: There are youngsters?

Metus: Me? I'm a youngster. Although most aren't as good looking as I am. That's another joke. Truth is we're peaceful trainers trying to survive with our Pokemon, not like the Bone Hunters who steal what litter or Pokemon we have left when they're not fighting with the Skrall. Ah good, it looks like we're just in time.

May: For what?

Metus: You'll see. Back in the day, the villagers would settle disputes the old fashioned way by destroying each other. Lot of clean up. So we came up with a solution.

Clang x2

Ackar: You're doing good Heracross. Keep it up.

May: You youngsters use your best trainers and Pokemon for sport?

Metus: Not sport, problem solving much more honourable than slaughtering each and consider it more profitable. Not that I care about that kind of things. The one with Heracross, Ackar used to be the greatest Pokeadiator on all of Bara Magna.

Raanu: Ah Metus, good you're here. Look at Ackar and tell him his days are numbered. I practically had to beg him to fight.

Metus: May, meet Raanu. He's the leader of this village. May is new in town.

Raanu: Hmm. What do you think?

May: He seems to fight without fear. That I think is quite rare for a trainer.

Raanu: True enough. He lost his taste for battle and once a Pokeadiator loses heart, its not long before his defeat must be banished. No doubt. Judging by your Torchic, no doubt its why Metus brought you here tonight.

Metus: Gasp!

May: I don't understand.

Metus: Now now. Let's not get ahead of ourselves Raanu. There's always plenty of time to recruit a first Pokeadiator take Ackar's place. By the way May, did I not mention I recruit Pokeaditors.

Strakk: Rraghh!

Clang x3

Ackar: Come on Heracross. You can do it.

May: Ackar seems to have the courage of a fearless Gym Leader.

Clang x3

Strakk: Oof!


Ackar: Concede. Yeild to me and this fight goes no further.

Strakk: Alright. You win.

Ackar: You leave with your honour intact and I with your sheild and victory.

Strakk: RRRRaaaarrrrrrrr!


One supporter: Watch out!

Ackar: What in? (Clang)Oof! (Crash) Unnh.

May: You call this honour? Strakk was clearly defeated.

Raanu: We're just youngsters. We're not going to fight a Pokeadiator.

Metus: Huh?

(Torchic turns to Blaze Sheild)

Tarduk: Did you see that?!

Metus: Interesting. No wonder she's so fond of that Torchic.

Strakk: Your're finished now old... Oof!

May: (pants)

Strakk: I'll get you down for that outsider. Rrraaaarrrr!!!


May: Oof!

Clang x3

May: Ungh! (pants)

Metus: Ooh! Ah! Too bad.

Raanu: I hoped she'd bring out a decent price.

Clang x3

Strakk: Rraaaaaaarrrrrrr!


May: (crash)Ungh!

Ackar: Strakk, no! Your fight's with Heracross.

Strakk: You're next Ackar. She asked for it, now she's going to get it.

(The Vorox tail turns into a sword)

Strakk: How did? Oof!


May: Concede.

Strakk: Fine.

May: For all to hear!

Strakk: I concede.

Crowd: Gasp!

One viilager: Who is that girl?

Another villager: Whose village will she fight for?

Strakk: Grr!

Ackar: Don't...

Strakk: I'll have my revenge and don't you forget it.

Ackar: (sighs)Your victory, your sheild.

May: You won fair and square before I came in. This is your prize.

Ackar: Oh. In that case... I've got plenty of sheilds. Oh how quickly they forget. I'm already an outcast.

May: Its not always too late to win them back.

Ackar: I suppose so. I'm in your dept stranger.

(The scene cuts to Ackar's house)

May: You won all these?

Ackar: Yes and look what good they do me. I should have packed them long before this.

May: But why did you stay?

Ackar: Duty, pride. But when a Pokeadiator passed his pride, he is no good to anyone.

May: To be defeated without a fight would be unfair. You carry this as I do. You are a true trainer.

Ackar: Trainer?

Metus: May. You were brilliant! Raanu will do anything and if you don't like this village, I can get the other villagers to bid for you.

May: That is kind but no.

Metus: Are you kidding? You don't know what your missing out, the life of a Pokeadiator. The first one from who knows where too.

Ackar: Yeah, look how worked for me back then.

May: The answer is still no.

Metus: Okay, but when you change your mind...

May: I will not.

Metus: Plain, hard to get. Possibly from your rough...

May: Wait a sec. I will temporarily join with the Vulcanus village but my decision will be clear in one week.

Metus: Okay, I'll let Raanu know. I'm going now.

Ackar: So stranger, what are plans?

May: I need to start finding a way back home.

Ackar: Which is...

May: Well, you'd probably think its sounds crazy.

Ackar: Well no crazier than jumping in the Vulcanus Arena armed with only a Vorox Tail and a Torchic. (sighs)

May: My home is far from here. Another world entirely. I was once the ocean's protector there, until I lost everything along with my friends to an ongoing evil that has captured them.

Kiina: I knew it!

Ackar: What in?

Kiina: WWWWooooooooohhhhhhoooooooooooo!!! Proof, proof of what I've been saying for years.

Ackar: Kiina, this is not the place.

Kiina: But I was right!

May: Who is she?

Ackar: Its okay she's...

Kiina: My name's Kiina. A Pokeadiator. One of the best and you just won me a lot of bets. Kiina's dellusional, there's no such thing as other worlds. Yeah? Well she proves it. Wohohoo!!

Ackar: Its okay, altough I don't always agree with her methods such as lurking in the shadows. But as Pokeadiators come and go, Kiina ranks. I trust her all my life.

May: Good to meet you Kiina.

Kiina: So what they're saying is true?

Ackar: Yes.

Kiina: Let me guess. You call your Torchic Blaze. Hey. I was just kidding.

May: I like it.

Kiina: Wow, a real other worlder. Finally, someone to convince to Trainers there's a place better than this miserble wasteland. I recently discovered an enormous carvern under my village. It might have something you can use.

Ackar: Good. Then we'll set off in the morning. We all need some rest.

May: Huh?

Ackar: What's wrong?

May: I seem to sense something crashing down on Bara Magna any second now.

Ackar: Wait up! You forgot about the Vorox!


May: Who is it? Ash!

Ackar: We'd better help him back before the Vorox have someone for dinner.


Ash: Uh... Where am... May?

May: Haha! You're alive!

Ash: Glad to say the same for you! You alright?

May: Barely, but I'm good.

Kiina: She had a little help. This is my lucky day! Not one, but two other worlders! Wahoo!

Ackar: It's okay. Her name is Kiina and my name is Ackar. May told us a lot about you when we hauled you in. So I guess if you are wondering where you landed, welcome to Bara Magna.

(Even more later)

Ackar: I understand that your friends used a one way ticket teleport to find May here.

Ash: I know. We gotta find a way back now.

May: That is the hard part since we crash landed on a desert world. At least Kiina has volunteered to help us out.

Ash: Nice. We better get some rest though.

(The Next Day...)

May: Is the cavern in that canyon?

Kiina: No, it's in my village, Tajun. Just beyond the canyon.

(Somewhere else)

???: The Pokeadiators and the two unknown kids are heading for Tajun. You know what to do.

(Sandray Canyon)

Ackar: I don't like this! This canyon's ideal for an ambush.

Kiina: Please, even bone hunters aren't dumb enough to take on 2 pokeadiators and our friends.

Ash: Kiina, we only got here yesterday. Who knows what else is around here.

Ackar: They're getting bolder. Skrall too. In the past months, they seem to know our every move.

Kiina: True but don't worry. We haven't got much worth stealing. Well maybe Ash and May do.

May: Hey!

Kiina: Easy, I was just kidding. (Rumble) Whoa! I think we have a bigger problem!

Telleruis: Hello again! Missed me? Skopio, deal with them.

Ackar: Telleruis!

Kiina: Whoa!


May: We should get out of here!

Ackar: We can't! They're even deadlier!


Skirmix: RAOGH!

Ash: Who are they?!

Kiina: Bone Hunters! My village! I know someone there! Just gotta make it through! Hang on! (Slam) Tight!



(Slam, Crash)

Ash: Help Kiina, we'll draw that thing away from you!

Ackar: Good luck!

(Torchic turns back to the Blaze Shield)

Ash: Nice!

May: Come on!

(Clang x9)

Telleruis: Grr! You are really starting to annoy me! Skopio, take aim at the boy! Ready, aim and now use Tail Cannon!

May: Watch out!

Ash: Oof!


Ash: You okay?

Kiina: Ash, May! We're finished unless (clang) one of you can make it to Tajun!

May: Ash, try to get the chariot to Kiina, I've got an idea!


Telleruis: Humph!

May: That's it. Now aim and...

Tellruis: Now use Tail Cannon times 2 to... Wait!


Telleruis: No! Stop!


Telleruis: You little!


May: Oof!

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