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An animation made-up by Stardustdragon123 to premote Pokemon New World Ordeal


Narrator: Pokemon New World Ordeal presents... May. A brave trainer from the start of her journey, with the weapons and Pokemon to take on any opponent.

May: Concede.

Narrator: Her new Torchic...

May: Easy, I will not hurt you.

Narrator: Spiked Thornax Launcher. (Action scene between Tarix and Vastus) And Blaze Sheild.

May: Brilliant!

Narrator: Once a trainer from the start of her adventure, then spirit of the ocean on Earth, May was betrayed...

May: I was the ocean's protector until I lost everything with my friends to a ongoing evil that has captured them.

Narrator: But her spirit survived and hurled from home in the Mask of Life. Now on Bara Magna...

May: Incredible.

Narrator: May must use her strengths...

Ackar: Gutseist move I've ever seen.

Narrator: And new alliances with one old friend...

Ackar, Ash, Kiina and May: We fight together!

Narrator: To save a new world from the forces of darkness and become a master...

May: We can win this together!

Narrator: And a legend...

May: For unity!

Narrator: Reborn. See May in Pokemon New World Ordeal on September 15th on Cartoon Network.

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