Pokemon Puzzle League 2 is the sequel to Pokemon Puzzle League that made its exclusive release on January 26, 2004 in the US, and on May 28, 2004 for the Nintendo Gamecube. It features fifteen returning Pokemon trainers from the Nintendo 64 sequel, along with the introductions of The Orange Crew (Cissy, Danny, Rudy, Luana and Drake), the return of the Johto Gym Leaders from Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, Chuck, Jasmine, Pryce, and Clair) and the final four bosses Damian (from Charmander The Stray Pokemon), Alex Davis (from Power Play), Koji (from Good 'Quil Hunting) and Ken (from Wish Upon A Star Shape). Returning trainers include Butch and Cassidy whose partner is Dr. Namba, as well as DJ Mary, Professor Oak, Professor Elm, Delia Ketchum, Officer Jenny, and Nurse Joy. Trainer-themed stages and soundtracks from the anime also appear. Non-playable characters include Casey (from The Double Trouble Header), Harrison (from Pop Goes The Sneasel), Macy (from Love, Pokemon Style), and Jackson (from Tie One On!), who all appear in the Puzzle University mode. The video game takes place at Puzzle League Village.

List of Characters

Starting Characters

  1. Ash Ketchum
  2. Gary Oak
  3. Brock
  4. Misty
  5. Lt. Surge
  6. Erika
  7. Koga
  8. Sabrina
  9. Blaine
  10. Tracey Sketchit
  11. Team Rocket
  12. Giovanni
  13. Ritchie
  14. Lorelei
  15. Bruno
  16. Cissy
  17. Danny
  18. Rudy
  19. Luana
  20. Drake
  21. Falkner
  22. Bugsy
  23. Whitney
  24. Morty
  25. Chuck
  26. Jasmine
  27. Pryce
  28. Clair

Unlockable Characters

  1. Damian
  2. Alex Davis
  3. Koji
  4. Ken

Non-Playable Characters

  1. Casey
  2. Harrison
  3. Macy
  4. Jackson

List of Stages

  1. Pallet Town (Ash's Stage)
  2. Professor Oak's Laboratory (Gary's Stage)
  3. Pewter Gym (Brock's Stage)
  4. Cerulean Gym (Misty's Stage)
  5. Vermilion Gym (Lt. Surge's Stage)
  6. Celadon Gym (Erika's Stage)
  7. Fuchsia Gym (Koga's Stage)
  8. Saffron Gym (Sabrina's Stage)
  9. Cinnabar Gym (Blaine's Stage)
  10. The Mimic Mansion (Tracey's Stage)
  11. Team Rocket's logo from Pokemon Emergency (Team Rocket's Stage)
  12. Giovanni's Headquarters (Giovanni's Stage)
  13. The Indigo League Stadium (Ritchie's Stage)
  14. Mandarin Island's Battlefield (Lorelei's Stage)
  15. Mount Hideaway (Bruno's Stage)
  16. Mikan Gym (Cissy's Stage)
  17. Navel Gym (Danny's Stage)
  18. Trovita Gym (Rudy's Stage)
  19. Kumquat Gym (Luana's Stage)
  20. Pummelo Island Stadium (Drake's Stage)
  21. Violet Gym (Falkner's Stage)
  22. Azalea Gym (Bugsy's Stage)
  23. Goldenrod Gym (Whitney's Stage)
  24. Ecruteak Gym (Morty's Stage)
  25. Cianwood Gym (Chuck's Stage)
  26. Olivine Gym (Jasmine's Stage)
  27. Mahogany Gym (Pryce's Stage)
  28. Blackthorn Gym (Clair's Stage)
  29. The Woods from Charmander The Stray Pokemon (Damian's Stage)
  30. The Power Plant from Power Play (Alex Davis' Stage)
  31. The Cave from Good 'Quil Hunting (Koji's Stage)
  32. The Spacegrounds from Wish Upon A Star Shape (Ken's Stage)
  33. The lair from Pikachu Re-Volts (Butch and Cassidy's Stage)
  34. Dr. Namba's lair from The Mystery Is History, A Parent Trapped and A Promise Is A Promise (Dr. Namba's Stage)

List of Pokemon

Starting Pokemon

  1. Pikachu
  2. Cyndaquil
  3. Totodile
  4. Blastoise
  5. Umbreon
  6. Arcanine
  7. Forretress
  8. Crobat
  9. Geodude
  10. Staryu
  11. Politoed
  12. Corsola
  13. Raichu
  14. Magneton
  15. Jolteon
  16. Gloom
  17. Tangela
  18. Weepinbell
  19. Venomoth
  20. Golbat
  21. Voltorb
  22. Alakazam
  23. Kadabra
  24. Hypno
  25. Magmar
  26. Ninetales
  27. Rapidash
  28. Venonat
  29. Marill
  30. Scyther
  31. Arbok
  32. Weezing
  33. Wobbuffet
  34. Persian
  35. Sandslash
  36. Nidoking
  37. Sparky (Pikachu)
  38. Zippo (Charmeleon)
  39. Cruz (Pupitar)
  40. Dewgong
  41. Cloyster
  42. Poliwhirl
  43. Onix
  44. Hitmonchan
  45. Primeape
  46. Seadra
  47. Vaporeon
  48. Quagsire
  49. Electrode
  50. Machoke
  51. Nidoqueen
  52. Electabuzz
  53. Exeggutor
  54. Starmie
  55. Marowak
  56. Flareon
  57. Rhydon
  58. Dragonite
  59. Venusaur
  60. Ditto
  61. Hoothoot
  62. Dodrio
  63. Pidgeot
  64. Spinarak
  65. Metapod
  66. Beedrill
  67. Miltank
  68. Clefairy
  69. Nidorina
  70. Gastly
  71. Haunter
  72. Gengar
  73. Poliwrath
  74. Machamp
  75. Hitmonlee
  76. Steelix
  77. Magnemite
  78. Ampharos
  79. Piloswine
  80. Shellder
  81. Seaking
  82. Dragonair
  83. Gyarados
  84. Kingdra

Unlockable Pokemon

  1. Machop
  2. Rhyhorn
  3. Drowzee
  4. Hitmontop
  5. Slowbro
  6. Skarmory
  7. Graveler
  8. Granbull
  9. Fearow
  10. Sneasel
  11. Houndoom
  12. Tyranitar


  • This is the follow-up to Pokemon Puzzle League.
  • Casey appears to be a non-playable character.
  • To unlock Damian, Alex Davis, Koji and Ken, you must clear Spa Service Mode.
  • Team Rocket's Pokemon are composed of Weezing, Arbok and Wobbuffet.
  • Challenge Mode is now composed of all ??? stages.

List of Music

  1. Pokemon: Indigo League theme a.k.a. Gotta Catch Em All (Title Screen)
  2. PokeRap (heard in the main menu)
  3. 2.B.A. Master (the theme for Ash Ketchum)
  4. Pokemon: Adventures In The Orange Islands (the theme for Gary Oak)
  5. Two Perfect Girls (the theme for Brock)
  6. Misty's Song (the theme for Misty)
  7. Lt. Surge's theme from Pokemon Puzzle League (the theme for Lt. Surge)
  8. What Kind of Pokemon Are You? (the theme for Erika)
  9. Koga's theme from Pokemon Puzzle League (the theme for Koga)
  10. Everything Changes (the theme for Sabrina)
  11. My Best Friends (the theme for Blaine)
  12. Mimic Mansion theme from Pokemon Puzzle League (the theme for Tracey Sketchit)
  13. Double Trouble (the theme for Team Rocket)
  14. Giovanni's theme from Pokemon Puzzle League (the theme for Giovanni)
  15. Together Forever (the theme for Ritchie)
  16. Pokemon Dance Mix (the theme for Lorelei)
  17. Bruno's theme from Pokemon Puzzle League (the theme for Bruno)
  18. Viridian City (the theme for Cissy)
  19. Coming To The Rescue (the theme for Danny)
  20. Catch Me If You Can (the theme for Rudy)
  21. The Time Has Come (the theme for Luana)
  22. Vacation (the theme for Drake)
  23. Pokemon: Johto Journeys (the theme for Falkner)
  24. All We Wanna Do (the theme for Bugsy)
  25. Never Too Far From Home (the theme for Whitney)
  26. Pokemon: Johto League Champions (the theme for Morty)
  27. You and Me and Pokemon (the theme for Chuck)
  28. Pikachu, I Choose You (the theme for Jasmine)
  29. The Song of Jigglypuff (the theme for Pryce)
  30. Pokemon: Master Quest (the theme for Clair)
  31. Do You Really Wanna Play? (the theme for Damian)
  32. The Biggest Part of My Life (the theme of Alex Davis)
  33. He Drives Me Crazy (the theme of Koji)
  34. The Game (the theme of Ken)
  35. Butch and Cassidy's theme (the theme for Butch and Cassidy)
  36. Spa Service Stage 3 (the theme for Dr. Namba)
  37. Spa Service Stage 2 (theme for the Puzzle University Trainers)
  38. PokeRap GS (end credits)


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